Do you take over projects that were unfinished  by another solution provider?
No, the time it takes to analyze the code of another programmer is often lengthy,  it's less time consuming and more cost effective to start from scratch.
Do you Develop pure Flash sites?
No, because the cost to benefit ratio for a Flash application, in our opinion, is not worth the expense.  This is partly because the Internet has become a page-based medium in which animated elements increasingly equated with advertising and therefore often ignored by users. In addition, Flash is not recognized by search engines and can therefore complicate the process of ranking well in search engines.


What domain should I choose?
We will assist you on deciding the best domain for your website.  We will help you purchase the domain name you select.
Should I register multiple domains?
Only if you are a global company, or at least there is an alternative spelling to your (company's) name.  All measures to Search engine optimization are much more effective if we confine ourselves to a single domain.
Which Content Management Systems do you recommend (CMS)?
We can use Wordpress, and other popular CMS.  It depends on the type of website you want us to build.  However,  we prefer to use our own proprietary CMS system in most cases.


What determines the cost of building a website?
The cost depends on several points including: 1) whether you need a Content Management System (CMS),  2) how many pages are needed, 3) whether and how many e-commerce functions are needed, 4) if you already have a logo and / or photographic material available or we need to create that for you.  For a detailed quote, fill our Project Planner
What are the terms of pay?
In general, two payments: 50% at project start and 50% at final inspection. For larger projects we can break it up into three or four payments.

Starting a Project

What are the steps for starting a web design project?
After the first conversation with you, we create a Photoshop visualization as well as a hierarchical navigation structure (Sitemap) of the proposed site.  Then based on your feedback we make the necessary adjustments and from there we code the site in xhtml.  During the project life you are fully involved in all decisions and can contribute significantly to the success of projects.
What kind of content will you need to create a Web site?
There's a famous quote - Content is King,  good content is the heart of a successful website.  The more content you can provide us the better it is.  In particular we need: relevant text and professional images.  We also offer professional writing and/or photography services if your not able to come up with your own.
What format should I deliver the text based content?
Ideally in. Txt or The MS-Word format (. Doc)
How long does it take to create a Web site?
The duration of a project depends mainly on the website you want us to build. The average project duration is six weeks. If you want an exact duration for the project you have in mind you can contact us.
When will Gologic Media submit the completed website to me?
Once the project is completed, extensive testing is done and all invoices are paid, you may use the site without restriction.  However,  the commercial exploitation (i.e. resale of the design) is not allowed.

Search engine optimization

How does Search engine optimization work?
First, the relevant search terms(keywords) are to be determined.  The indentified keywords are then used to make some changes on the pages of the site (On-Page SEO), then a link building campaign is done (Off-Page SEO).
Where can I find out which search terms are relevant for my site?
There are some popular tools to go about this task, a simple and popular tool is the Google keyword tool.  However, we use our own software to do this for you if you decide you want us to professionaly optimize your website.
How will I track the progress of my site?
We integrate Google Analytics in all of our websites.  This will allow you track the progress of your sites SEO.

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